Bathing Suits For Girls Women Swimsuit Push up Bikini Swimwear Solid


Sexy Bikini Swimwear Women Push Up Swimsuit Bandage Bikini Set Brazilian Summer Beach Bathing Suits female Biquini Print

Women-Swimsuit-Push-Up-Bikini-Bathing Suits For Girls




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Bathing Suits For Girls

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Customars review

  1. The swimsuit I do not like. He is not lazy in the water, but when he bathes he becomes straight very huge, the lining climbs very much, the melting becomes like a parachute, but the worst thing is that the bodice is very tight on the girth under the breast 75 can so sew plus straps are sewn from the outside. I should have put 5 stars, I would not have ordered it. I will add that in volume it is small but the cups are huge and protruding. Some not symmetrical.
  2. Ordered on May 24, received on June 13. Quality is good. The material is dense and bright. On the parameters 87-72-100, the size is good. Maybe it was possible for a smaller size. In the bra thin paralog cups that are not like cups-thin paralog is not fixed and does not hold shape. But the chest holds. Straps, very long. I ripped them off and tied them around my neck. From this chest, it became even better to maintain in cups. Double fabric briefs and bra. It’s not very convenient, everything bubbles. Panties in principle, not bad sat down. The length of the panties in front-back is 48 cm. Not a classic thong, but the priest is open. Inside the panties (center) seam on the lining. Elastic bands everywhere.


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